Immuno Histo Chemistry – Why we are Different?

► We use the latest generations of carefully selected & clinically relevant primary & secondary antibodies (reagents)
► For final & exact diagnosis of Tumors
► For targeted Chemotherapy

  • Breast Panel: ER, PR, HER-2 NEU, Ki67
  • Sarcoma Panel: Desmin, Vimentin, SMA, S100, CD31, CD 34, EMA, CK, HMB-45
  • Lymphoma Panel: LCA, CD20, CD79a, CD3, CD5, CD23, CD2, CD10, CD15, CD30, Cydin D1, ALK1


VITEK 2 Technology

We, at SERUM Analysis Centre Pvt. Ltd., are performing Microbiology Culture and Sensitivity Testing by the fully automated VITEK 2 System of Biomerieux.

All growth reports are generated with MIC Values of the latest Antibiotic Panels chosen from the CLSI Guidelines 2022, which help in accurately guiding the treating clinicians about the choice as well as the recommended dose of appropriate antibiotics.



We are doing ANA/DSDNA by Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay (IIFA) which is the gold standard for the determination of antibodies against Nuclear Antigens (including Cytoplasmic Components).

The speciality of this method (IIFA) is that if the ANA / DS-DNA report is positive then by default give the pattern Consicutne with 17 Antigens), each of which is very important for the diagnosis of autoimmune disease.



Capillary Electrophoresis is the Gold standard technology for:
► Clear separation of HBE from HBA2
► No false elevation of HBA2 compare with other platform


False Elevation of HbA2 in HPLC


Clear Separation of HbE from HbA2

DiaSorin Liaison - TORCH benefits to clinicians and patients

► Only Fully automated complete TORCH profile with Parvo and HSV profile availability.
► Quantitative tests profile with standardized against WHO standards.
► Excellent sensitivity and specificity for assays gives reliable results.
► Availability of TOXO and CMV IgG avidity.
► Biotin free and other interference free assays ensures quality results.
► Cadaveric claim of 24 hrs for CMV assays useful in Cadaveric samples and post mortem samples.


Equipment of Serum Analysis Centre (P) Ltd.